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 Beijing Amazing Science & Technology Co., Ltd, located in Linhe Industrial Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing. Adhering to the concept of Realistic, Innovative, Focused and Efficient, our company mainly serve the waste gas treatment (VOCs) Industry and metallurgical equipment of China and even whole world. We have strong technology and rich experience in VOCs waste gas treatment project, the reference of which has been successfully applied to the industry of coating, rubber, electronic, printing, etc. We also have years of technology accumulation in the research and manufacturing of flat steel processing line, and possess nearly a hundred of application example.

   Our company focus on the research, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of VOCs organic waste gas treatment system and the revamping and updating project for energy saving  and environmental protection of flat steel processing line. We can provide customers the complete solutions for  environmental protection, energy saving, product quality improvement and other aspects.


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address:      Room 166, 1st Floor, Building 1, No.54,  

                  Shunren Road, Linhe Industrial Development

                  Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing (Technology

                  Innovation Function Zone)

TEL:          +86 010 56894130

                  13701318585 Mr. Zhao


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